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Fear the Angry Banana!
The Angry Banana says that you are nonsense!
Jan. 2 2003 7:02 am
I'm sick and I feel like shit! It's not bad enough that I am an angry banana! Nooooo! I have to be sick too! One time I wasn't sick. It was cool!

I didn't even know bananas could get sick. One time my friend Carl rotted and had to go to the hospital. He smelled like my Grandpa.

I bought cough drops that hurt my throat. Watch me eat one. *munch munch* Owwww! See? They hurt! *munch* Owww! Cough drops make me angry!


Do you get bored when ordering pizza or calling your bank? Try the banana phone! It makes me angry!
Just take George's word for it. George knows, right George? George pleases the Angry Banana. I'm angry at George.

Holy Shit! Talking into a banana makes me really fricken angry!